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Candidates for the Mayorship of Torontoville

A voting tool for Toronto Public Library Kids

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New Mayor of Torontoville!

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Total Votes: 329

Top Branch: Goldhawk Park, 13 votes


Total Votes: 251

Top Branch: St. James Town, 23 votes


Total Votes: 430

Top Branch: Albert Campbell District, 25 votes


Total Votes: 190

Top Branch: Main Street, 13 Votes

Kids Can Vote

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What is this all about?

Why should adults get to have all the fun of voting? This is a chance for kids to choose who you want to be the mayor of Torontoville!

Read through the four profiles of fictional candidates for mayor of Torontoville. See how each of the people who want to be mayor feel about some of the biggest issues facing this city and its residents. Think about whose answers connect with the things you care about and then decide who you think should be running our city!

The results from the Kids Can Vote activity will be counted and the next Mayor of Torontoville will be announced right here on October 27.

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How you can vote for the Mayor of Torontoville

You can vote in-person at select branches or through this site.

Fun Fact

Did you know that these four personalities were put together based on the answers that actual candidates for mayor shared on We used a cool computer program called Artificial Intelligence to take everything we heard from candidates and put it together. Then we made their answers kid-friendly so that you can have the same experience your adults get to have: Voting!

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Tips for Parents and Caregivers

There is lots of evidence that shows that introducing kids early in life to elections and voting has a positive impact on lifelong voting habits. Talking to your kids about the importance of voting, what it means to live in a democracy (and that many people around the world aren’t lucky enough to be in this position), and how their voice matters helps kids appreciate the value of voting and civic engagement.

If you can, bring your kid(s) with you when you go to vote and let them see what it’s all about!

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Links for Parents

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Celebrate Democracy with TPL

In the run up to the Toronto city election, TPL is running some free programs and activities related to voting, democracy, and civic engagement.