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Ward 12: Toronto-St. Paul's Data

2021 Population
6th of 25
Population growth 2016-2021
4th of 25
Population under 15 years old
21st of 25
Population over 64 years old
4th of 25

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Toronto-St. Paul's

Bryan Ashworth


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Toronto-St. Paul's

Antonio Corpuz

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Toronto-St. Paul's

Josh Matlow

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Toronto-St. Paul's

Bob Murphy


Responses by Bob Murphy

If elected as a City Councillor, what would be your top priority, and how will you address it?

General Question

Stop the condo feeding frenzy with a lawsuit against the province for breaching Section 2 of The Planning Act. Stop the gentrification of Little Jamaica caused by the Eglinton Connects upzoning which may be contrary to the city’s 2018 plan to confront anti-black bias. Stop the demolition of the existing rental housing stock. We have the power to do that now, but even the NDP votes against tenants and for condo developers.

What should the next City Council do about housing in Toronto? Why?


Presently I am helping a 71 year old helpless man defend himself against eviction by TCHC. The biggest slumlord in Toronto evicting a hoarder? Really? Hoarding is a disability listed in the DSH. TCHC is a social agency. Section 2(j) of the Planning Act says The Minister, Council, The Tribunal “shall have regard to the provision of a full range of housing, including affordable housing.” So has the condo frenzy been imposed contrary to law? Where is the mid-range housing for working people?

What should the next City Council do to mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce its progression? How?

Climate Action

Toronto can reduce emissions by changing the focus of planning to changing the face of sprawl. The province should use its growth plan power to push growth where it will balance infrastructure and transportation. There are a million people east of Toronto who cannot change their behaviour because they have no means to do so.

What should the next City Council do to improve the ability of the people of Toronto to get around safely and efficiently? How?

Getting Around the City

The ‘City-building levy’ is nothing more than a condo developer subsidy tax. Council must refuse it and override any mayoral veto. The midtown in Focus plan at Map 21-8 has the city buying expensive homes to demolish for parkland. Should people pay higher taxes for this?

Should the next City Council change anything about municipal taxes or city services? Why?

Taxes and Spending

When the city was closing businesses did she require drug dealers to keep records for contact tracing? If there is an opioid emergency why can’t she do that now? I have a complaint in to Police Professional Standards about an elder abuse matter. I hope to hold Town Halls on this subject to meet the police mission statement on Elder Abuse.

What should the next City Council do about the City of Toronto's approach to policing its residents and making our communities safe? Why?

Policing and Community Safety

The priority of planning should be to decentralize and create balance. Mini-buses in suburban neighborhoods may make transit more attractive assuming it does not become hopelessly overcrowded south of Lawrence.