How we use your information
  1. We employ Google Analytics to better understand how you discovered and how you use The information collected can help the project team determine which website design choices worked or did not work, and what marketing and promotion strategies were more effective than others. Overall, this helps the project team make a better website and understand the project's success level. Click here to learn more about Google Analytics's data and privacy policy.
  2. Address information is used (see the ward search box) to determine what ward you will vote in. When you type your address in the ward search box, this information is securely sent to, which then sends the correct ward associated with that address back to so you can see the candidates who are running in your ward. You can also click on your ward if you don't want to type in your address. This helps users of quickly find which ward they live and vote in. Click here to learn more about Mapbox's data and privacy policy.
  3. Email addresses and preferences are used to send users the project information that they've expressed interest in receiving. When you type your email in the email sign-up box and select your preferences, this information is securely sent to , which securely stores your email and preferences. The project team also uses to email those users. When you sign up to receive emails, you will receive a request for confirmation you want to receive them, and it is also easy for users to indicate if they do not wish to receive emails anymore. Overall, this helps the project team efficiently send email communications to the people who sign up to receive them, and helps users easily manage their preferences related to these emails. Click here to learn more about SendinBlue's data and privacy policy.
  4. A MongoDB database is used to host all the information on our website and support its functions. For example, the database stores the text you are reading right now. It also helps route information to and from some of the above services. When you type your email into the email sign-up box, it is routed to MongoDB as our main datastore and sent to, our emailing tool. Using databases in this way is typical of almost every website you visit. Click here to learn more about MongoDB's data and privacy policy.

All of the tools and services we use are carefully chosen to protect's users. We ask for as little information from you as possible while still ensuring that your experience is a good one and that the overall project is a success. We've also created ways for you to use the website without providing your email address or your physical address.

Have questions? Email us at or call us at 1-833-319-2022.

To review the long-form data protection and privacy policy for please click here.